A Soul’s BECOMING Sonnet

  • NEED –
    A Ponderous Ark was I, oh Lord, alone,
    A heavy-laden clam beneath the sea,
    In pain, with blanket black and shroud of stone,
    Until my needy cry came forth to Thee.
    Your holy Son, with outstretched arms replied,
    “Come learn from Me, dear child, My yoke is light.”
    Like Gracious Fig in linen white applied,
    He wrapped my soul in laundered clothes of right.
    Too oft’ I drift from heaven’s holy walk,
    ’Til waves impart the Murex mystery,
    Reminding me to run to You, my Rock,
    Where priestly purple flows through history.

My soul declares, “Above, and so below.”
Yet thrice denied before the rooster crows.

  • ASK –
    A sign of humans’ quintessential way
    When stand I at the roads ’tween love and wrath,
    Way-finding Stars bring luminescent day,
    “Good Lord,” I ask, “where are the ancient paths?”

A spiral eye at Moon-shell’s golden core,
Beheld in holy view by longing heart.
Sharks’ Eyes and Babies’ Ears, God’s ocean lore,
Divine Geometer spoke from the start.

Exposing corners dark in glory’s sight,
My eyes are blind ’til idols You extract.
Like Buttercups redeemed by searching light,
Confess O heart, so colors will refract.

When truth does reign within, then so without.
Imagine. Ask. Pure love replaces doubt.

  • PRAISE –
    The music staff on Tulips seem to sing
    A sacrifice of praise to sorrows bear.
    In spite of raging storms, my faith I bring;
    For bounty rich will come tomorrow near.
  • STAND –
    All ships at sea need anchors and cross-ties,
    Like weak Sea Urchins girded for the war,
    Kept safely until storms of life subside,
    Stand armor clad enrolled in Kingdom’s corps.
  • TRUST –
    The Olive Shell bears marks of sacred art,
    Like scrolls inscribed with acts of God and man.
    That none be lost, I gather fragment parts,
    Entrusting them to Water and to Sand.

“The universe, and so the soul,” we sing,
“Reveal through us the wisdom of the King.

  • ANOINT –
    Christ’s life, His death, His rising, and ascent,
    Sand Dollar’s tale, a prophet’s truth foretold.
    Five doves within are gifts poured out and spent.
    Anoint. Empower. Heal like those of old.
  • CREATE –
    Tyrian dyes of purples, blues, and reds,
    With golden threads weaved by Master’s hands,
    Like Israel’s ephods shown in Scallop beds,
    with hues that speak of Priest, of King, and Lamb.
    With paths aplenty, Whelks show us the Way,
    And lead to Zion’s Holy Mount of Shem.
    In Christ, BECOMING One from many, say,
    “Assembly, laud for New Jerusalem!”

With God, with self, with man, Your peace I seek.
God’s hope and Spirit flow unto the meek.

  • ABIDE –
    Upon Your mercy seat, I come to rest.
    In consecrated peace, ’neath Angels’ Wings;
    The birds of air come make their twiny nests.
    And garnet wine makes hearts abide and sing.
  • REWARD –
    And on that day our Shepherd does appear,
    King’s Crown He’ll wear in matrimonial mass;
    Placing diadems on those who persevere
    To cast before the One from ages past.
  • ARRIVE –
    Of life, and death, and seas, and earth’s travail,
    The Oyster Shell tells us the story full:
    Of faith, and hope, and love, which never fail,
    Of heaven’s gates hewn out of Ivory pearl.

The truth in mini-wonders, waves present.
They beckon me, “BECOME like Him, Love sent.”

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An Image in my home reminding me the time has come take up a BECOMING Mantle

*Original Sonnet Series by Kerry Hasenbalg and Original artwork by Georgine Patt

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