On Earth As In Heaven

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I see the dance of Gilgal in the wings of hummingbirds.
I hear the robin’s song of praise sung as faith assured.

I feel the Spirit’s holy breath in gales and gusts of wind.
I meditate on ancient stones that tell where grace has been.

I witness love outpouring in cascades of waterfalls.
I consider the divinity in creatures great and small.

I glimpse the call to unity in works of honeybees.
I wonder at the vast unknown in dark and depth of seas.

I contemplate the Spirit’s peace in doves so meek and mild.
I sense God’s tender mercy when I hold an infant child.
I view in every spiral eye the perfect hand of grace.

I found the Star of David in a pomegranate’s face.
I know from owls, and frogs, and cats God sees in dark of night.
I touch shekinah glory in the moon’s reflected light.

I muse the tree of good and evil links to figs and wasps.
I wish these holy mysteries were easier to grasp.

I stoke the holy flame within that entered at rebirth;
For I can see the Word of God hidden in things of earth.

*Poem by Kerry Hasenbalg, originally titled “As Above, So Below”

4 Replies to “On Earth As In Heaven”

  1. I love seeing your “babes” basking in the proximity to the power and feeling the spray! I laughed out loud at your line, “I wish these holy mysteries were easier to grasp,” and I realize it wasn’t meant to be funny. Yes! Exclamation point! I surely wish that. And I am simultaneously grateful for you for mining so much beauty out. I imagine it is sweeter for you with all the sleepless nights and toil in digging.

    So many beautiful lines to ponder. God you are so great and faceted and exciting!

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    1. Yes, laugh!! We must laugh!! Maya and I were just now on a walk and saw a tree we’d never seen in bloom, that looks like a Dr. Seuss tree and smelled like heaven. We laughed out loud! Then, we talked about the tree and what it must be all about. We decided to call it the “Divine Fragrance of Whimsy!”


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