The Wisdom of Wonder

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Wisdom, be our sister;
Understanding, be our kin.
Birds and fish, please minister,
O Sea Cross, do weigh-in.

It’s fear we’ve given into.
It’s pain we hold too dear.
Lord, teach us to release it,
That our lenses become clear.

For self and wealth, we all have striven,
Misusing eyes and hands once given.
Our flesh sees little hindrance,
As if sin has no consequence.

But when the battle comes along,
Our wits unfound and souls alone,
Confused like men of Midian,
We wake and turn and kill our kin!

We search for God in humanity,
Yet close our ears to eternity,
And fall like babes from sheltering nests,
And block Your voice that bids us rest.

Seeing much, we perceive so little,
When focused on the carnal realm.
How fear seeps in is very subtle,
When misjudgment’s at the helm.

Illuminate our eyes, O Lord,
To perceive the truer things,
The wonders of Your Kingdom,
Of which the songbird sings.

May we like branches waving,
Lift-up our holy hands,
And call upon Your savings,
To see victory in our lands!

After all has been considered,
And all has been endured,
It’s the wonder of the hummingbird,
That makes my heart bestirred.

The beauty that her presence brings,
The sacred motion of her wings,
The way she drinks of beauty’s nectar,
She is our souls’ most needed lecture.

Taste and see that the Lord is good,
Her life speaks clear what all ours should.
For in receiving, we gain to give,
In awe, we learn the way to live.

Now with our focus more repentant,
We set our view on grace in movement.
The way of faith in every trait,
She’s imagination’s splendor mate.

She makes her nests on drying lines,
A prayer to ask, a wondrous sign.
For these on wings and those with fins,
Bring sacred songs to clothing pins.

These words like garments cover shame,
Preaching all to stop the blame,
For fear and pride and misplaced gaze,
Has put us here in cloudy haze.

Every creature knows its Author,
Yet man rebels against one Father
Lord, let us hear reproof in thunder,
And see Your love in every wonder.

*Original Poetry by Kerry Hasenbalg

5 Replies to “The Wisdom of Wonder”

  1. Spoken like an artful prophet. So wide your scope, yet laser focused on today’s moments, a cry and true reflection both. Job-like, or rather God-like in his response to Job, holding forth nature as evidence enough of God’s presence and wonder. Your poem has so many lines worth holding onto, and all the better when coming through on your voice, with the accuracy of the author’s true and intended inflections. Well done. Again.


    1. Hyatt, your words are to me just as your name implies- a “High Gate” of praise. It was my desire to share my heart about what my eyes perceive and ears hear, but to talk of these complicated and layered things in prose would be too difficult and incomplete. So, I am pleased my intent was clear to you.


  2. God inspired , without a doubt ! And a gift to all of us ! You’ve always been such an encouragement with your vision and ears to see and hear God! From the time you were a child ! You’ve given me ears and eyes to see through your attention to Him! Thank you for hearing Him and taking the time to make us all stop and see through the spoken and written word he gives you! You are and have always been such a n encouragement! What a gift I was given in you!
    “Mommy do you see what God just did? “ 🤗😘

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  3. As always, your words inspire, provoke thoughtful contemplation and stir our hearts. There is much here to digest and so much touches on the issues we are currently facing in our country today. May we all reflect on the wonder and open our eyes to see.


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