Once Light and Truth in higher education,

Are replaced with biased indoctrination,

Where up is down and down is up,

Where there’s only one choice from which to sup,

With every wind, we’ll sway more fully,

With each new turn, we’ll spiral in folly.

How did we get here? What happened to us?

We’ve lost our way; I want off the bus!

Has anyone heard from Loyalty? Charity? Truth?

Who’s seen Meekness? Wisdom’s unfound by Sleuth.

Sin masquerades and sits highly exalted.

Confusion’s enthroned, and Rightness is halted.

How many friendships have thus been upended?

Whose family ties have not been suspended?

Nobility gyrates to perceived social opinion,

Flags of whimsy usurp, and take up dominion.

What to do now? How shall we proceed?

Circumspectly, I’d say, pray God in the lead.

5 Replies to “Discombobulated”

  1. This is great! You’ve caught the essence of the current situation and identified our only salvation. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you!

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  2. WOW!!!! God answered my prayers (again). Thank you for this talk, Kerry, it was very powerful and insightful. I am seriously considering signing up for The Becoming course you teach. I first learned about you while watching Moriah & Joel’s podcast over the weekend. You taught me so much in those short segments. You showed all of us how God is in EVERYTHING! And we need to acknowledge HIM!!!!! Thank you for that reminder.

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