Honoring Loss

(“Honoring Loss” Poem Audio)

Every temple has a story,

Some more pain and some more glory.

But common is their passing nature,

Life and death of every creature.

There are parts once filled with laughter,

Splendid spots we sang and danced.

Now they’re only sealed chapters,

Giving leave to new expanse.

God promised we would know these sorrows,

That time’s a thing we only borrow.

So, take our broken pieces summed,

And help us Lord to overcome?

Heavy loss of life’s portrayals,

Harmful blades of man’s betrayal.

Often ill is life’s receiving,

Our tender souls bear so much grieving.

But sail on we must, though somber,

Pressing into life’s next chamber.

Still, I dream to go, perchance,

Back to where we once had danced.

Devotional on The Porch: The Case for Humility in a World of Confusion

5 Replies to “Honoring Loss”

    1. Thank you Linda! I felt such sorrow in recent days, different kinds- losses of my own and of others whom I love- and these were the thoughts that came to mind and comforted me. I am so glad they comforted you also!

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  1. The case of humility! A very much needed message as I stand in my self righteousness not able to forgive. Turning to God…..

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