Kerry is honored to be a part of the BECOMING:us cinematic podcast featuring Moriah and Joel Smallbone as they take you on a journey of their Love story in God. Kerry brings special insights and a Biblical perspective throughout the 6 episodes with the hope that you will glean how God has been active in your own story as Joel and Moriah are vulnerable with theirs.


The tool of TRUST is a key practice among the 12 biblical tools of the BECOMING teaching. Listen to Kerry Hasenbalg as a featured guest on Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and podcast host Rebecca St. James for an insightful discussion on a number of areas centered on TRUST in your relationship with Jesus.


Find hours of inspiring content on Kerry’s YouTube channel. New content is uploaded frequently from short devotions, mini topical bible teachings, and BECOMING Conversations with guests Moriah and Courtney Smallbone.


Inside PA Magazine’s Most Beautiful People

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