Betrayed. Abandoned.

Forgotten? Forsaken?

Too much gone, too much taken.

Am I so unworthy of care?

Not even worth the negative stare.

More baneful than death? Perhaps,

More painful with breath!

Death of dreams. Now what?

Unfavored. Unchosen.

Repelled. Expelled. Cut.

There’s a place…or a space;

Perhaps it’s a state,

Where the weight’s so heavy,

The pain overtakes.

Soul laid bare.

Is God even there?

Hope’s flicker blown out.

Despondent. More doubt.  

Shattered pieces all around.

My world’s come a tumblin’ down.  

Pain unbearable.

Love ungraspable.

Bitter taste. Darts in spades.

Hope’s belonging still evades.

Seed death precedes fruit coming forth.

But what if my works never have worth?

“Alone,” you say, “if not first broken.”

Love promised. Unspoken.

All progress frozen.

Every year the reaper’s sickle.

Must God’s favor seems so fickle.

Abandoned. Forsaken.

Unfavored. Unchosen.

Heartbroken. Eyes swollen.

Pierced and now fallen.

Spiraling downward in fear.

Where do I go from here?

Weeping from the deep.

Deeper from the weeping?

Considered and tried.

Everything spent.

No answers come.

Just relent and repent.

Wait. Trust. Rinse. Repeat.

I will not bow to the enemy and thief.

In neediness, I cry,

“Lord, help my unbelief!”

In time. A whisper. A reply.

“I, too, was forsaken and left to die.

Trust Me, dear one, you will come forth.

It’s not the end; it’s your rebirth.”

[Original poetry by Kerry Hasenbalg]

6 Replies to “Forsaken”

    1. Thanks Hyatt! I woke this morning with a reply from the Spirit, and added it here as the last four lines.

      I was reminded that the problems we face were faced by Him, the Well-Acquainted One, Who renders ours temporary.


      1. Beautiful. 



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  1. Well I’ve been there, but in that season I was either weeping, or sleeping or surviving. What a chasm of despair you have painted with your words! But the glimmer of hope always there! Just crying out is Faith. I love your gifts of expression and faith!

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  2. All progress frozen …..No answers come. Just relent and repent. Wait. Trust. Rinse repeat. Still not bowing to the enemy and thief. In neediness, I cry, Lord, help my unbelief.

    Wow. Great Stuff, Kerry. Thank you so much


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