Hub of Your Life Wheel

What is at the center of the wheel of your life and activities?  In this video, Kerry unpacks key scriptures about how idolatry & man-pleasing can create faulty centers and lead to downward spirals, brokenness, and resentment in our lives and relationships.  She discussed how we can return to a place of inner joy, peace, and order by replacing these faulty centers with the Lord’s Spirit who gives the wisdom, acceptance, and approval we seek.

If you are looking for more teaching like this go to Kerry’s YouTube channel or enroll at The Becoming Academy to embark on a transformational journal for your soul, to enroll in a 9 part spiritual formation study, and take part in our regular BECOMING fellowship times on The Porch.

2 Replies to “Hub of Your Life Wheel”

  1. Kerry this was really great to listen to right now. Sorry I missed it last night.

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  2. Did you make this just for me 🙂 ?

    SO good and just what I sadly needed to hear. Let’s talk soon. Whats your end of the week look like for availability?



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