Need to Believe

In hurting, we need.

In needing, we long.

In longing, we seek.

In seeking, we find.

In finding, we realize.

In realizing, we remember.

In remembering, we ask.

In asking, we receive.

In receiving, we know.

In knowing, we trust.

In trusting, we stand.

In standing, we imagine.

In imagining, we see.

In seeing, we redeem.

In redeeming, we heal.

In healing, we praise.

In praising, we hear.

In hearing, we anoint.

In anointing, we share.

In sharing, we assemble.

In assembling, we belong.

In belonging, we love.

In loving, we create.

In creating, we become.

In becoming, we rejoice.

In rejoicing, we abide.

In abiding, we believe.

*Original Poem by Kerry Hasenbalg

One Reply to “Need to Believe”

  1. This is so great. A psalm of ascents. Wish I’d written it. Perfect illustration, too.


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