Coloring Souls

Our words leave marks on others’ souls,

We paint in wisdom or stain like fools.

Ask yourself what hues you leave,

What you’re teaching to believe .

Pushing down or helping fly?

Acts that scar or beautify?

Shades of kindness, hope, and joy

Words to build and not destroy?

Because our wounds turn into weapons,

And bring harm from self-protection,

We must repent and turn from anger

To not become a source of danger.

It’s time to choose your palette well,

For one day soon, your works will tell,

How you spoke in secret spaces,

What you wrote on others’ faces.

Do you inspire hope or fear,

Addressing pain from yesteryear?

Sorrow’s tears will help the healing,

And give room for others’ feelings.

Your choice to pick tones dull or bright ,

To weave with threads of love and light.

God brings the rain and hangs the colors

For us to use to love each other.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hyatt Moore says:

    “God brings the rain and hangs the colors
    For us to use to love each other.”
    And you’ve been painting off of God’s palette your whole life, those children, your canvases, not to mention all those you’ve influenced.
    (Love your graphic, too.)


  2. Anna Haas says:



  3. georgiepatt says:

    These words are profoundly beautiful! May they touch and convict others hearts that they may be blessed and be a blessing to others.


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