20 Years of Marriage

I prayed long to find you, Scott, my dear,

A golden soul who loves most sincere.

Your way of agape filled my heart,

Revealing your kindness from the start.

We learned many things these twenty years,

Each seed of glory watered by tears.

A live discourse between faith and grace

Brought peace, love, and joy to each new space.

The treasures that we most highly prize

Only came once we anchored in Christ

Fruit from the love of our cross-tied souls:

Annika, Leah, Maya, and Cole.

With work and play and many mistakes,

With light and joy, and a few heartbreaks,

We made it “By George” – made it by grace,

Knowing God more with every embrace.

Hope’s the bridge that linked partial to whole,

Faith’s the way we put God in control.

All our good gifts came down from above,

Three abide with us: Faith, Hope and Love.

Happy 20th Anniversary to my beloved husband, Scottie, the man with the golden soul!

Italy – August 2015
BECOMING Retreat – February 2020
Scott’s Birthday January, 2018
Mother’s Day May 2020
The BROOD Became complete- Captiva Island 2012

My Funny Family – 2016
I love making a home with you -We are safe and warm in the Wintery seasons
And BECOME more with each new springtime together !

“Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of the Heavenly lights, with whom there is not shadow of turning.” James 1:17 – This was the wedding scripture we chose for our lives together . And after every one of our 20 years of marriage together, I grow more grateful that the God who has given us so many good gifts is the same; He never changes. And even though we have faced and are still facing challenges in this life, God will continue to love and provide for us! Scottie, you are truly the greatest example to me of the kindness, generosity, patience, and faithfulness that constitute LOVE. My great-grandfather said to always remember to be kind to one another. I am beyond grateful for the kindness and tender-heartedness that I have found in living our lives together!

2 Replies to “20 Years of Marriage”

  1. We are both so grateful for your example to see two continually becoming one. The sum of who you are as people is greatly eclipsed by your union.

    We wish you a glorious day celebrating such a monumental day!!!!

    Love love love you xoxo xoxo
    Joni and George


  2. Kerry and Scott, Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. Praying for many, many more joyful years for you both on this side of Heaven.


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