From Lowly to Glory

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To adorn the Lord’s temple

For His dwelling glory,

Man would need search

For that which is worthy

On rich lands and peaks,

In vain, all men seek,

But these aren’t the places,

To locate the meek. 

It’s ‘neath tempest storms,

And crushed upon trees

Where nobility’s found

By those who can see. 

The purple and blue dyes

Come forth from sea slugs,

The red thread from worms,

On trees crushed and then hung.

This is the pattern

God ordained long ago,

To raise up the broken,

The tossed, and the low.

Whatever the world

Most often rejects,

Is that which the Father

Will make resurrect.

Now, if you are facing

Waves crashing down upon,

The swirl and pressures

That cause so much harm,

Take heart, precious ones,

Your blood, sweat, and tears,

Will never be wasted;

God redeems all the years.

What pours forth from earth’s

Lowliest creatures,

Will one day BECOME

The Bride’s loveliest features!

Now, hold tight to hope’s anchor

For our Savior is risen

And to all found in Him

Eternal glory be given.

(Acrylic pour artwork by Georgine Patt)

4 Replies to “From Lowly to Glory”

  1. What a rich reminder of the detailed care and handiwork of our Father. Nothing is wasted when our lives are in His hand. He’s able to take our pain, the world chaos (COVID-19) and the unanswered questions of life and cause them to work good in us, helping us become His beautiful image…His reflection. Thank you Kerry for your words that sparked such beauty in my mind.


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