Cycles of Grace, A Poem

cycles of Grace 2-22-20
cycles of grace picture

Past traumas become triggers, presenting in anger,

But really are fears in disguise.

Wounds become weapons in our self-protection,

And harm the ones standing close by.

Let’s name all our fears and entrust them to God,

To end the down-spirals and strife.

By actions of faith, we enter cycles of grace,

And find healing and newness of life.

A soul that abides will soon start to rise,

Being filled with love, peace, joy, and power.

There’s little more needful to meet our hearts’ cries,

Than hope in our most trying hour.

*Original Poem by Kerry Hasenbalg

2 Replies to “Cycles of Grace, A Poem”

  1. Wow, so wonderfully said. Medicine to my ears. Thank you Lord for your wisdom through your daughter! ☝️🙏🕊📖🕯🦁🐑🎇


  2. Thank you Kerry. Your words are always such an encouragement.


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